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Langues ( vocabulaire, grammaire, orthographe-spelling)
Counting in French
Pronunciation: Dangerous Liaisons
Your will learn your 'conjugaison'
When knowing the French alphabet can save your life... well almost
Grammar in action: the Conditionnel passé et Dominique Strauss Khan
How to describe someone physically in French
How to master the French argot
How to translate 'Exiting' in French without sounding like a pervert
Bike, VTT Lexique
Le or La: that is the question about Gender in French
Saying what is your profession in French
Past Tense: Agreement of Past participle
Grammar: Etre ou Avoir ( French Song)

Articles about Language Learning
EC study highlights weak UK foreign language skills  
Why children should learn foreign languages at an early stage
The English curse: how having such a mother tongue could hindrance your professional chances
Language classes: your brain gym to fend off Alzheimer's
How to make a teen learn a foreign language

Je ne veux pas travailler par Pink Martini
Johnny Halliday, our own very French rock star
Le diner- Bénabar
Déshabillez-moi, Juliette Gréco
Fête de la musique
History of French pop in 10 songs
Polyglotte ( chanson pour enfant)
Etre ou avoir par Yves Duteil
Oublie Loulou par Zaz


Cultural differences
The French and British Problem
La tradition du 1er mai: le muguet

L'élégance du Hérisson
Contes radiophoniques: 3 histoires absurdes et méchantes
Poésie, Arthur Rimbaud, Le Bateau Ivre, Extrait


Visiter Paris en 2-chevaux
Paris in the Springtime: Les meilleures terrasses de café
Driving in France: Important information from Summer 2012

Philosophie: sujets du bac 2012
Les sujets du bac philo 2012: Correction
Les perles du bac du philo 2012
AS/A2 FRENCH: Heath and Obesity

Best butter in the world, le beurre d'échiré

L'affaire du tweet ( la première gaffe de France)
Les slogans de Mai 68
How to comment British current affairs in French: Les plus durement touchés
How to comment Brithis current affairs in French: the Big Society
Explaining the front page of the newspaper Liberation + French slang point

Living in France 
Get to know your Maire: Town and Country planning in France
Driving in France: Important information from July 2012